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Famous boats.

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Posted 02 May 2010 - 10:18 PM

Ok lets see how you get on with this, Let me or google know if you get stuck.
Name the boat featured in each of the following books:
1. Captain Hook’s ship in the novel “Peter Pan”

2. Captain Ahab’s Ship in the novel “Moby Dick”.

3. The ship that rescues Ishmael in the novel “Moby Dick”

4. Jason searched for the Golden Fleece in this ship.

5 Captain Nemo’s boat in “Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea”

6. Submarine from “Ice Station Zebra”

7. Boat from Robert Lewis Stevenson’s “Treasure Island”

8. “The Cruel Sea”

9. “The War of the Worlds”

10. “Billy Budd”

11. “The Riddle of the Sands”

12. “Captains Corageous”

13. The “Narnia" books by C.S. Lewis

14. “Survive the Savage Sea” – the true story of a shipwrecked family

15. The name of Tristan Jones’ boat during his “Incredible Voyage”.

16. “Two Years Before the Mast”

17. Tania Aebi’s took a “Maiden Voyage” around the world in this sloop

18. Robin Graham sailed alone around the world in this boat

19. Thor Heyerdahl’s raft for his 1947 expedition and his book’s title

20. Captain Slocum sailed “Around the World Alone” in this sloop.


Name the boat featured in each of these TV shows:
21. "Mr. Lucky"

22. "McHale's Navy".

23. The houseboat that "Tammy” lived on

24. Burt Reynolds’ series "Riverboat"

25. "Adventures in Paradise"

26. The show "Oh Susanna” starring Gail Storm

27. "Mr. Roberts" boat

28. "Convoy"

29. A short lived series was "Barrier Reef," what was the name the ship?

30. "Ensign O'Toole"

31. The submarine on "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea"

32. "Tugboat Annie"

33. "The Wackiest Ship in the Army"

34. "Waterfront"

35. The boat that was shipwrecked on "Gilligan's Island"

36. "The Aquanauts"

37. "The Love Boat"

38. "The Harbormaster”

39. Mike Nelson’s (played by Lloyd Bridges) boat on "Seahunt"

40. The submarine on “Operation Petticoat”


Name the boat featured in each of the following movies:
41. Rodney Dangerfield’s boat in “Caddyshack”

42. Judge Schmale’s boat in “Caddyshack”

43. Oceanographic research vessel in “The Life Aquatic”

44. Haunted Cruise Ship in the movie, “Ghost Ship”

45. Charles Bronson’s boat in the movie, “Seawolf”

46. “The Caine Mutiny"

47. “Gray Lady Down"

48. “Run Silent, Run Deep”

49. Captain Quint's fishing boat in “Jaws “

50. Cruise ship in “The Poseidon Adventure”

51. U.S. Submarine in “The Hunt for Red October”

52. The last US submarine in “On the Beach”

53. “Hellcats of the Navy“

54. “Down Periscope “

55. Johnny Depp’s boat in “Pirates of the Caribbean”

56. Small boat in the 1951 classic Bogart - Hepburn movie

57. Spanish schooner that was the site of a slave revolt

58. Sailboat commanded by “Captain Ron”

59. The sailboat in “Dead Calm”

60. Jeff Bridges’ sailboat in “White Squall”

61. German Boat sunk by the “African Queen”

62. In “Twilight for the Gods” the first steam ship to cross the Atlantic

63. Boat used as a floating atoll by Dennis Hopper in “Waterworld”

64. Chris Elliott served aboard her in “Cabin Boy”

65. John Candy’s Regatta Winner in “Summer Rental”

66. Russell Crowe’s boat in “Master and Commander”

67. Parker’s winning sailboat in the movie, “Wind”

68. Humphrey Bogart’s boat in “To Have and Have Not”

69. Boat that Steve McQueen served on in “Sand Pebbles”

70. Villain’s boat in the James Bond movie, “Thunderball”


Identify the following boats from past or recent history:
71. Luxury liner that collided with another liner off Nantucket in 1956.

72. One of the last sailing clippers. in dry dock at Greenwich, England.

73. Freighter that sank suddenly on Lake Superior in 1975

74. Ocean liner torpedoed and sunk by a German submarine in 1915

75. Pilgrim Boat that landed on Plymouth Rock in 1620.

76. Columbus’ three ships that sailed the ocean blue in 1492

77.First two ironclads to battle during the Civil War.

78. Retired in 1967, and permanently docked at Long Beach, California .

79. The schooner operated by the Greenpeace organization.

80. On her maiden voyage, this unsinkable ship hit an iceberg and sank.

81. The tanker responsible for the 1989 oil spill in Prince William Sound.

82. The wreck of this ship is a memorial at Pearl Harbor

83. Last U.S. battleship and the site of the Japanese surrender in WWII

84. The ship that rescued the survivors of the Titanic on April 15, 1912

85. The ship that ignored Titanic’s distress signals

86. The boat on which naturalist Charles Darwin sailed.

87. Commander William Bligh’s vessel and site of a famous mutiny.

88. The oldest warship afloat and still in commission.

89. Captain Cook’s ship

90. The first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier

91. The pirate Blackbeard’s flag ship.

92. US Presidential candidate Gary Hart was photographed on this yacht

93. John F. Kennedy commanded this vessel in World War II

94. The name that Dwight Eisenhower gave the presidential yacht

95. John F. Kennedy changed the name of the presidential yacht to this

96. Shackleton’s Antarctic expedition boat.

97. Francis Scott Key watched “the rocket’s red glare” on this ship

98. Fishing boat lost at sea during the “Perfect Storm” in October 1991.

99. First nuclear submarine

100. Jacques Cousteau’s research boat

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Posted 02 May 2010 - 10:47 PM

First look and i didnt google!

5: Nautalis
19: Kon tiki
55: Black Pearl
56: Africian queen
63: Exonn Valdez
71: Andrea Doria
72: Cutty Sark
74: Lusitina
75: Mayflower
78: Queen Mary
79: Rainbow warrior
80: Titanic
81: Exonn valdez
86: the beagle
96: Endurance
98: Andrea Gail
99: Nautilus
100: Calapyso

Something to do tomorrow!

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